Car Wash Regulators and Switches

Floor switches: Aka tape switch. Commonly used as the   entrance management switch or tire locator. They are activated when  they  have 10-15 pounds of force applied, and then they send a signal to  the  tunnel controller. Filter-regulator, or “piggybacks,” combine the   functions of both a filter and regulator. Piggybacks are compact and   most effective when space is a constraint. Piggybacks can be ordered   with different filter elements and can be modified with different   springs, depending on the filtration and air regulating requirements.   Air line regulators provide controlled consistent air pressure as   required for specific pneumatic equipment connected to the air system.  All ARO-Flo regulators are offered with a standard adjustment range of   0-140 psig (0-9.6 bar). Alternative spring ranges are offered for easy   conversion to suit different requirements. Non-relieving regulators are   offered for applications where the venting of downstream over pressure  is undesirable.
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