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Superior Auto Extras was established in 1991, when founders Eddie  Klapova & Gene Student partnered to provide car wash operators an  all-inclusive selection of retail merchandise, such as air fresheners, automotive accessories, and gift items to be displayed in car wash  lobbies.
Eddie and Gene set out with the primary goal of providing  the best products to supply their customers for resale, which gives operators a profitable retail section in their car wash lobby.
When  Eddie and Gene, together as Superior Auto Extras embarked on their  goals, they found a relatively untapped retail market opportunity. This  opportunity was car wash patrons looking to browse and pass time while  their cars were being washed or detailed. These patrons were seeking to  fill certain car related retail needs, an opportunity for car wash  operators to capitalize on a one-stop shop and increase profitability.
After  opening in the greater Los Angeles area, they quickly grew to provide service from Sacramento down to San Diego. Superior Auto Extras  continued to pursue growth in adjacent markets such as Las Vegas and  Phoenix. Business was off and running.
After becoming the largest car  wash lobby merchandise distributor out West, Superior Auto Extras set  their eyes on becoming national.
Through the opening of an East Coast division, based out of Memphis, Superior launched their pursuit of the  Mid-West and East Coast territories.
Today, Superior Auto Extras  proudly serves and provides products to all 50 States from their two  fully staffed distribution centers in Los Angeles and Memphis.
With  more than 70 sales representatives frequenting all major and mid-major metropolitan territories, almost no car wash is out of reach.
For more than 25 years, Superior has remained family owned and operated.
As  the company continues to thrive, Eddie and Gene remain confident that  by never straying from their primary goal and continuing to put their customers’ best interest first, car wash lobbies will forever remain profitable.
In addition to Eddie and Gene’s commitment of providing  the best products, the service of Superior Auto Extras’ trained sales  staff enhances the look, layout, and selection of merchandise in every  car wash lobby.
If you are already a customer of Superior Auto Extras, we appreciate your continued loyalty and support. If by chance, you are not a customer yet, then we look forward to the opportunity to service you soon!

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